What are the benefits?

  • The Quote Plugin is an easy way for your customers to get pricing-specific quotes on shipping charges without leaving your website or auction page.
  • Quotes include any handling fees you want added - either as a flat fee or a percentage of total charges.
  • The calculator can be seamlessly linked to your website or auction page directly.
  • Shipping and delivery service options can be pre-selected to appear on the quote page.
  • Dynamic features including templates, commodity lookup, and NMFC lookup.

How does it work?

  • The ABF Freight℠ Quote Plugin is directly linked from your website or auction page to a partial "quote" you create on the abf.com website.
  • In its own window, the Quote Plugin returns accurate transportation charges back to your customer.
  • Quotes are based on information that you specify, such as shipping origins and commodity specifics.

How do I set it up?

  • It's easy. First, you need an ABF Freight account and an abf.com password. Contact your account manager if you need to set up an account.
  • If you have an account and just need a password, simply go to abf.com and click "Need a password?"
  • Once you log in, click on this Quote Plugin Generator link to get started.
  • Enter your basic shipping information (like shipper and product information). NMFC-Item and sub may be required, depending on individual pricing requirements.
  • Click "save" to generate a formlet to post on your website. Or simply copy and paste it to your eBay® or other online auction page.

Try it...

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Need more advanced solutions?

The use of XML technology by abf.com lets you incorporate data from abf.com directly into your website or backend information systems via the ABF API. As a result, you can provide shipping information and support directly to your own customers.

Batch and real-time EDI applications are also supported by abf.com with a variety of servers capable of handling electronic data interchanges directly or via third-party networks.