ABF Freight's online Resource Center contains information on ABF Freight® publications and file downloads. These publications are available in print as well; however, the online versions enable you to interactively search the same material.

Rules and Special Services

Shipping Guide

The Guide is a convenient reference tool for your day-to-day questions about motor carrier transportation. It continues to provide information on the various factors that affect application of your pricing as well as ABF Freight's general policies on cargo loss and damage claims, overcharge claims, insurance, indemnification, and payment requirements. In addition, it includes general information on the National Motor Freight Classification ("NMFC") and a brief explanation on how your freight charges are determined.

August 29, 2016 Rules and Special Service Charges (ABF 111-AJ)

This publication contains the explanation of, and charges for, optional services that may be requested by the shipper, consignee or third party payor beyond those normally associated with standard transportation. Provisions in this publication apply on shipments tendered on or after August 29,2016, and are subject to change and revision. Any exceptions will be noted in specific account pricing provisions.

Download the ABF 111-AJ Rules and Special Service Charges
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ABF Freight Classification Exceptions (ABF 100-B)

For commodities exempted from classification in the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) and for a few specific commodities, not exempted, ABF Freight takes exception to the industry standard classifications. We have published these exceptions in our ABF 100 Series tariff. The ABF 100 takes precedence over the classifications and provisions provided in the NMFC. ABF Freight’s online quotation process accounts for these exceptions and will provide quotes based on the applicable class.
Download the ABF 100 Classification Exceptions
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To search for specific items or text, click within the viewed ABF 100 document, then right click and select Find from the listed options.

Fuel Surcharge

View the current and past fuel surcharge applied by ABF Freight, as well as the U.S. National Average Diesel Fuel Index. This index is used to determine the surcharge on a weekly basis.
Jet Fuel Surcharge

NMFC Request  

Determine your shipment’s correct NMFC freight class.

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Forms and ABF Documents

View and print a variety of industry forms as well as ABF Freight documents, including the ABF Freight bill of lading, certificate of origin, NAFTA verification of origin, customs invoice, and more.



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Service Information

ABF Freight's Direct Service Points

ABF delivers direct to over 46,000 communities in all 50 States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Direct service information is available for download and may be used in spreadsheet, database, or word processing applications.

ABF Freight's TimeKeeper Service Tariff (ABF 610)

ABF Freight offers time-critical, time-definite shipping solutions including same-day, next-day, second-day air or ground -- whatever, whenever, wherever you need. Guaranteed. TimeKeeper®.

ABF Freight Holidays

Be sure to check the ABF Freight holiday schedule, which serves as a general guideline. Major ABF Freight service centers may be open on individual holidays. Please contact your local service center for details.