Rules And Special Service Charges (ABF 111-AJ )
Effective: 08/29/2016  | Inquiry: 12/10/2016

Item 597 : Maximum Weights - Pup or Doubles Trailer

Rates or charges stated in units per pup or doubles trailer shall be subject to a maximum weight of 24,000 pounds unless further restricted by weight limitations of state or other regulatory bodies.

The charge for that weight in excess of 24,000 pounds on the same pup or doubles trailer, if any, will be computed at the ratio the applicable pup or doubles trailer charge bears to 24,000 pounds.

EXAMPLE: Shipment weighs 26,000 pounds and is loaded on one pup

Pup rate is $1,187.00

Excess weight is 2,000 (26,000 less 24,000)

Excess rate is $4.95 per cwt (1187/240 cwt = 495)

The shipment would be rated:

First 24,000 @ pup rate $1,187.00

Excess 2,000 @ 495 cwt      99.00

Total 26,000                $1,286.00


ABF 111-AJ, Item 597

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