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The U.S. Census Bureau requires an Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing, formerly referred to as a Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED), for all shipments destined to Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands, having a declared value exceeding $2,500.00, unless otherwise exempt by Federal Regulations.  Per this regulation, the Shipper’s Export Declaration Form 7525V is no longer accepted.  An Internet system has been created for 100% automated reporting through the Automated Export System (AES).  The U.S. Census Bureaus’ AES program is a free Internet-based filing system.  Shippers may quickly receive certification to file through AES at Other valuable links include the Automated Export System , Schedule B Search Facility, and many other useful tools that can be found in the "ABF Forms and Documents" section to help you through the EEI process.

Upon successful EEI filing, the filer will receive the Internal Transaction Number (ITN) (The AES generated number assigned to a shipment confirming that the EEI was accepted in the AES system). An example of an ITN is X20080122000022.  The ITN is the proof of filing citation.  The U.S. Principal Party in Interest (USPPI), normally the shipper, or U.S. agent authorized by the USPPI, must provide the proof of filing citation or exemption legend to the carrier.  The carrier must annotate the proof of filing citation on the carrier’s outbound manifest. 

Note: The External Transaction Number (XTN) will no longer be used for any purposes. 
Note Option 4 Certification is available and offers exporters up to 14 days after departure to complete filing

The U.S. Principal Party in Interest (USPPI) is named and identified by an Employer Identification Number (EIN).  The definition of a USPPI per US Census is “the person or entity in the United States that receives the primary benefit, monetary or otherwise, from the export transaction (§30.1)”.  It is the duty of the USPPI to ensure the proper EEI preparation and filing. It is the duty of the carrier to report the filing status of each shipment to the U.S. Census Bureau.  Further, it is the carrier's obligation to only move and deliver cargo for which the carrier can confirm appropriate EEI filing. You may refer to copies of the FTSR Letters 168, 170 and 173 which describe the AES filing requirements at  You may also obtain additional information on this regulation and research other exemptions at the U.S. Census Bureau website at

In order for ABF to fulfill its obligations and to assist the shippers in compliance with the regulations, the following options and procedures have been established regarding the proper preparation of a bill of lading:

  1. If the shipper electronically files the EEI, the shipper must note the Declared Value and one of the following statements on the face of the bill of lading…

    Sample BOL Statements

    NDR AES (ITN) ____________ (No declaration required, shipper supplies ITN number)

    NDR AES4 (I.D.)______________ (No declaration required, shipper is AES4-certified and supplies filer's EIN or DUNS number)

  2. If the shipment meets exemption criteria, the shipper may declare the shipment exempt under the Federal Regulations found at The shipper must note the Declared Value and one of the following statements on the face of the bill of lading…

    Sample BOL Statements

    NDR Value L/T $2,500.00
    NDR Gift
    NDR Government Agency
    NDR Household Goods
    NDR Military
    NDR _______________________ (No declaration required with other exemption reason indicated per regulations.)

  3. The shipper may authorize ABF to file the EEI on their behalf.  For a nominal filing fee, ABF will electronically file the shipment information through AES, provided the appropriate detailed information has been forwarded to us.  The authorization must be in place prior to tendering the shipment. The shipper must still note the Declared Value and one of the following statements on the face of the bill of lading:

    Sample BOL Statement



    Carrier to file EEI



    Carrier to file EEI AES4



  4. If the shipper has previously provided ABF with the appropriate authorization form (see above), ABF will (for a nominal fee) electronically file the EEI information through AES. The shipper must note the Declared Value and the following statement on the face of the bill of lading “Authorization Form on File”. 

      Sample BOL Statement



      Authorization Form on File



    ABF has developed a reliable system to ensure seamless compliance with these governmental rulings and regulations. While we highly recommend that the shipper/USPPI file EEI direct with AES, ABF is positioned to provide filing services for you at a reasonable rate.

    Should you have questions concerning written authorization forms for filing purposes, you may direct them to your local Account Manager. An ABF Specialist will be pleased to answer any specific questions regarding electronic filing via AES or preparing bills of lading for movement to or from Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands at the (888) 256-8123 toll-free number.

    *Fees will apply in accordance with Item 882, ABF 301 series.