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Relocube Service

The ReloCube is a portable moving and storage container that’s 6'3"-foot deep, 7-foot wide, and
8'4"-foot high. Load it, lock it, and keep the key –
ABF does the rest. Custom-built expressly for ABF, ReloCubes are made of steel and aluminum. Because of their easy access and secure clasp, ReloCubes are extremely popular options for trade show events.



Shipping. Storage. Security.
 Enhanced security for high-value freight
 Storage in transit or at destination
 Eliminate labeling of multiple cartons
 Single bill of lading for entire contents
 Avoid crating and packaging costs
 Lock or seal container for ultimate confidence
 Ground-level placement and loading access
 Extended storage options for shipments in transit.

Interior Dimensions 70"x 82"x 93" (DWH)
Exterior Dimensions 75"x 84"x 100" (DWH)


Commercial  800-491-2870
Residential   800-355-1696