Time Critical Service by ABF Freight®

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What is time critical service?

Our expedited freight shipping service, or time critical service, comes with a 100 percent guarantee that your shipment will arrive precisely when it should. Just tell us the specific time window or write the time window on the bill of lading. Then relax.

Time Critical Service by ABF Freight

Known to many as TimeKeeper, our time critical solutions include same-day shipping, next-day shipping and second-day shipping. Proactive professionals ensure your shipments arrive on time, intact and damage-free. Mode optimization means air and ground options are balanced to meet your requirements in the most efficient way possible.

More than 99 percent of freight moves claim free. Itís not just speed; itís precision.

Benefits of time critical service

Time critical shipments are monitored end-to-end. Deliveries are guaranteed. Packing lists are imaged and instantly available online. Pickup and delivery confirmations are made via email. We call you anytime a time critical shipment faces potential delays.

All Time Critical customers are given an array of shipment status options for customizing confirmation notification to suit their specific needs. Keep track of your shipments by pro number, bill of lading, purchase order or customer reference number.

We monitor critical data and events and communicate any potential deviations from the schedule. All the vital information is available to you online, which you can access in real time. Plus, our proactive notification means we track events, report progress and exceptions and alert you if any action is required.

Easy BOL activation*

Download bill of lading labels and then activate time critical service by attaching the label to the BOL. Next-day, second-day, or two-day delivery window? Just write it on the BOL label. Need delivery by 9 a.m., by noon or a 1-hour window? Write it on the BOL label. No phone calls needed. No quote required. You also can request labels at 800-874-2061.

* If requested delivery is faster than can be provided by ABF Freight in-network, ABF Freight will provide, and guarantee, delivery based on ABF Freightís fastest in-network transit. If a requested delivery date is not provided, service will be determined as outlined in Item 160 of the ABF 610 Tariff.

Try published pricing

If youíre routinely using time critical service for multiple shipments or you have differing service requirements, then go with published time critical pricing with simplified shipment bookings.

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