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OneView® by abf.com, the best shipping tool ever...
With OneView you get far more than a mere collection of tracking tools. You get an intuitive experience designed to seamlessly adjust itself to the way you do business. Schedule, track, expedite, reroute, even merge shipments — everything you need to manage your shipping (and much more).

Click through the following tabs to learn more about each tool. A logon is required for some of the advanced tools (indicated with a ).

Before You Ship After You Ship Logistics Planning Other Tools

Shipment management starts here. From routing searches and transit times reviews to customer-specific rate quotes and online pickup requests, everything you need to plan and execute your next shipment with ABF Freight® is available with the following eCenter Tools.

Routing Search
Retrieve shipping, service and contact information.
Locate your nearest ABF Freight® Service Center.

Transit Times
Look up ABF Freight® advertised transit times for North America.

Delivery Compliance Planner
Pre-plan your production and shipping schedules for each purchase order based on the retailer's delivery window.

Rate Quote
Obtain a rate quote with advertised transit times.

Bill of Lading
Create and print a formatted bill of lading.
Create and print formatted shipping/pronumber labels.

Pickup Request
Submit a pickup request directly to your local ABF Freight® Service Center.

Packing Slip
Create and print a formatted packing slip.
Shipping Labels
Create and print custom shipping labels.

Zip Loading Guide
Static routing of zip codes to specific load points.

TimeKeeper Quote
Guaranteed, expedited delivery service for emergency and time-critical shipments.

Multimodal Quote
Choose Multimodal for shipments that require specialized equipment, such as flatbeds, step-decks, refrigerated or air-ride vans, ect.

Volume Price Quote
Obtain a volume price quote for shipments over 10,000 lbs.

NMFC Lookup Request
Obtain your shipment’s correct NMFC freight class from a classification professional.

Quote Plugin Generator
Provide your customers with quotes without having to leave your website or auction page.
Do I need a password to use the eCenter Tools?
To protect your shipment information, a password is required to access tools that involve customer data. You may obtain a password online or by contacting your local ABF Freight® Account Manager.
How do I include the eCenter Tools on my website?
The abf.com APIs allow you to integrate Rate Quotes, Shipment Tracking, and more directly into your website or information systems. As a result, you can provide shipping information and support directly to your own customers and employees. This feature requires an abf.com account and password. For more information, check out the abf.com API page.

Do I need a certain browser version to use the eCenter Tools?
This website utilizes a level of browser capabilities in order to bring you a more streamlined, dynamic shipping experience. In doing this, we require that you use a compatible browser that allows cookies and supports JavaScript.

We recommend one of the following compliant browsers:

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