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To receive up-to-the-minute status information on your shipments, simply enter the shipment reference numbers, select the reference type, and click "Track Shipment(s)". You may also be notified by e-mail on shipment status changes by completing the "E-mail Notification" section.

Track Your Shipment

Enter reference numbers, one per line.
  OR   [Track by Multiple Reference Types]
if you have multiple shipments
with different reference types.
Track By: 

Setup E-mail Notification (optional)

Notify me by e-mail when:
Shipment is delivered.
Shipment delivery may be delayed.
Logon to receive e-mail notification on additional status changes.

Cancel e-mail notification on shipment.

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Other Tracking Options
In addition to simple shipment tracking, ABF offers these other great options to get status information:
  • AutoTrack: Automatically receive real-time pickup and delivery notifications for all or a select group of your locations.
  • Status Reports: Need more advanced status options? Review multiple shipments within a single report. Use a variety of default reports or customize your own. View status reports online or have them automatically e-mailed to you or other recipients.
  • Shipment Planner: Manage all your shipments from a simple, easy-to-read calendar interface.
  • Tracking by E-mail: Send us a quick e-mail and we'll reply with the shipment status.
  • ABF Mobile: Track shipments with your ABF Mobile app for the iPhone.
  • ABF API: Integrate ABF's tracking tool directly into your own Web site or back office system.